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Darlene Marcello
Biography- Darlene lives in Mandeville, LA with her fur baby Ezzy. She honors her late husband in all she does. Their son Sam, Jr., currently lives in Austin, TX.

Artist Statement-Through rug hooking and mixed media, I can express who I am, my views, likes and dislikes. Rug hooking is the ultimate textile art with endless subjects and the greatest variety in the choice of colors, textures, and materials. I have been honing my rug hooking skills since 2000, when I took a beginner’s class from Carrie Martin. I have worked with mixed media from a young age and love the story layers of work can bring to life. I want my work to express what I have experienced, my spirit, and my love of life and family. Through the hooking and stitching of fabric, I feel a line connecting me to the art of my grandmother, mentors and family. I relish bringing the medium forward to make a statement for my generation. I tend to approach my subject matter on a sub-conscious level, often letting my intellect decipher meaning after the work is produced. I don’t start with a question; I go on a journey.

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