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Jeffrey Rinehart


Jeff is a New Orleans, LA based artist since 2005. He is currently an assistant professor at the University of New Orleans and is a member of the Second Story Gallery Collective. His research blends elements of a wide range of artistic disciplines and has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States.

Artist Statement

In my work I try to create images that explore elements of transparency and distortion as they relate to the nuances of un-stabilized vision. My practice involves a wide range of processes, materials and techniques that allow me to push the boundaries of the layered image by playfully integrating formal concerns with distorted contexts through digital and traditional forms of image manipulation. The subtlety of light and form have taken on an important role in my work. Those photographic bench marks allow me to make decisions about how I distort and obscure images, while focusing on unconventional and antiquated objects in the imagery. There is a lush and deep surface that welds together opposing subject matter to produce dramatic juxtapositions of meaning concerned with memory and shifting perspectives in history. The result is constructed realities that question and re-establish original contents and meaning on everything from mundane everyday objects, historical artifacts, weapons and machines.

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