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Leona Strassberg Steiner
Keepers of the Heart
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Linka and Tree small
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Shannon color with bambo small
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Moira best small
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Leslie in the trees small
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Hannah with tree
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From My Bedroom Window
Walk Thru

Artist Statement


From the beginning of my photographic career, I have searched for ways to take photographs that are not realistic adaptations of what I see or perceive.  When my work suggests an altered state of consciousness, or a dream like, or painterly quality, then I know that I have been successful in my endeavors. My photos suggest a place in time that maybe really does exist, but maybe not in our present dimension or time. I prefer to leave actual details as an unknown, so that the viewer is never really sure where this picture may have been taken or if it is even from this lifetime or realm of consciousness. Having come from the dance world, the visuals that I created then on stage were never what they seemed; this way of looking at the world continues in my photography and imagemaking today.


Leona Strassberg Steiner is a visual artist and former dancer living in New Orleans since 2014. Her work centers on landscapes, industrialism, memories, transitions, aging and beauty. “I enjoy doing projects that can help change the way people look at themselves and others. The end game is seeing how we are all connected on this planet, how we are all one.” Steiner has exhibited her work extensively with solo exhibitions at The Victory Hall Drawing Rooms of Jersey City, the New Jersey City University Visual Arts Gallery and the Second Story Gallery in New Orleans. She has participated in group exhibitions in Spain, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New Orleans, and New York. Steiner was active in the art scene in Jersey City, where she was a frequent collaborator in projects such as We Are 6, at Alley Arts, her self-run studio/atelier/gallery. In 2015-2018 Leona curated PoliticoPopUp, a one-night exhibition with works of 40 artists from around the country, who create political art, with limited exhibition opportunities. In 2019 she curated "New Surroundings" an image based exhibit, that took place during PhotoNola 2019. Currently she is
Gallery Director and a member of the Second Story Gallery in the NewOrleans Healing Center.

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